Friday, July 4, 2008

Great New Poultry Forum!

Finally, there is a forum where people can discuss all breeds of fowl! From heritage breeds, gamefowl, rare breeds, and everything in between is welcome at the Ultimate Fowl Forum. We welcome people just beginning with chickens, or experienced breeders here, and everyone is treated equally...

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Friday, April 18, 2008

If you own chickens...

I pulled the following off my myspace group, and if you own chickens, you absolutely have to read this. It shows the lengths peta will go to, to get what they want. All I can say, is what has our society come to that this kind of thing can happen?

Hello - perhaps some of you remember a group member known on here as Chef Isidoro. His real name is Jeffery Jones, and one month ago in Macon, Georgia he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing a pit bull that came into his yard and killed 36 of his pet Wyandotte chickens. Isidoro raised this heritage breed of chicken for their colorful markings and the quality of their eggs - NONE were ever sold or eaten. This was his choice of pet and I assure you that each had a name and its own distinct personality. The dog in question was a neglected pit bull that was allowed to roam the streets in spite of Macon’s leash laws and a well-documented history of violence towards both humans and other animals. I am not speaking against pit bulls here - I know them to be the best of breeds if raised properly - Isidoro himself has owned a few - all were well cared for and properly raised and restrained. This dog’s owner was irresponsible - his own courtroom testimony said that he never knew where his dog was and that he often left town without making provisions for its feeding or other care. This dog had to be rabies quarantined for its earlier attacks on people - by Georgia law, this classifies it as a ’dangerous dog’ and it is required to be put down. Not in this case, however, because the neglectful owner happens to be Otis Redding III, son of the music legend. The dog came on my brother’s property, into his chicken coop and helped kill ALL 36 of my brothers pets. Several times Animal control was called regarding this dog - and even after Isidoros pets were butchered and eaten - animal control did nothing. Isidoro had obtained a new batch of Wyandotte chicks - to defend these new pets and his property he realized that something had to be done to prevent another slaughter - he set a leg-hold trap in his yard near the coop, caught this dog and dispatched of it in a manner was instantaneous - without suffering. The woman who prosecuted him (everyone else in the DAs office refused - said there was no case) is a woman named Kim Schwartz - a PETA activist who has no right prosecuting animal law due to her extremist beliefs and behaviors. SHe has tried to distance herself from PETAs more extreme activities, but admits to being a long-time dues paying member. She has written manuals that can be found online on how to prosecute Animal Law, and had admitted to teaching courses on the subject. SHe went after Isidoro witha fanatic passion that mad e her seem possessed - as if by personal vendetta. She had PETA protests staged outside the courtroom and a large grouop of these activists seated inside the courtroom in the closest possible proximity to Isidoro - they wore shirts and buttons declaring Isidoros guilt. PETA is a regular fixture inside and outside of courtrooms whenever this woman tries an animal case - ask yourself, isn’t this somehow unethical - how can anyone expect to receive fair and impartial justice in an animal cse from a PETArd??? This same DA, was walked own the aisle at her own wedding, not by her father or another family member, but by her dog. Does this not reflect an extremist thought process. This PETA activist DA nad her PETA buddies railroaded a felony conviction on Isidoro - he was convicted where the law specifically states "a person shall not be considered guilty of this offense if the animal constitutes any reasonable threat to the person’s property, livesstock, or poultry" - poultry means chickens, correct??? Chef Isidor is really Jeffery Paul Jones, my brother - he was sent to prison for 6 years for nothing more than defending the lives of his pet animals when all other options failed. How many pets should a person allowed to be killed by a more vicious animal with a well-documented history of violent attacks - itself a victim of a neglectful and irresponsible owner. The Redding name in Macon has always been shown favoritism above the law - this was half the problem. The other biggest part was the involvement of PETA inside and outside the courtroom - including the misplaced passion of a District Attorney with strong PETA ties and sentiments.
Six -years for the life of a violent dog is far too excessive. We need the help of anyone who sees the injustice here that is willing to help. Right now, we are sending letters to the Judge who set down such a grossly disproportionate sentenece - and the Chief DA for Macon - the ONE who is actually an elected official, and Kim Schwartz.s boss. We are trying to fill his box with concerns over PETA’s presence in our courtrooms - and the unethical behavior of a PETA activist DA trying animal related cases. ANYONE who is willing to help can contact me at I will give you the addresses of the Judge, DA, governor, senators, anyone you are willing to write to. If you want to take a stab at PETA - then help us remove one of their more dangerous associates from being able to prosecute animal law....
I would greatly appreciate hearing from as many of you as are willing - I acn provide many more facts of this case - and pETAs reckless involvement in this area. Any of you who remember chef Isidoro - i would like to hear from you as well - he asked me to contact this group specifically, your time and assistance are greatly appreciated...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For years we've been amused by the ridiculous complaints and accusations of animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Friends of Animals, the Humane Society, and others. They have tried to encourage our young people to drink beer instead of milk, cried foul about casino patrons playing tick-tack-toe against chickens, vilified Burger King because their veggie burgers are cooked on the same grill with meat patties, and filed lawsuits against McDonald?s for labeling French fries and hash browns as vegetarian items, because they are fried in vegetable oil that contains traces of beef essence...

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live video feed promises to dispel myths about gamefowl

A bold new project to dispel the myths about how gamefowl are raised, and treated. This gamefowl live video feed project promises to provide around-the-clock live video feeds of the entire first year of the lives of a number of gamefowl, and will give people a first hand view of these beautiful birds, and how well they are treated as they mature.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

H$U$ Lies To Congress

H$U$ Public Health Director Dr. Michael Greger testified on Tuesday before congress that that it (H$U$)was asked by the San Bernardino County District Attorney ’s office to withhold an undercover slaughterhouse video from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The D.A. says it isn't so. Is anyone really surprised that the H$U$ official would commit perjury?

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Animal-rights terrorism threatens medical research!

Each day might start with the search under your car for a bomb or the shrill ringing of the phone, signaling yet another anonymous death threat. There's the examination of property damage before you've had your morning cup of coffee. Maybe this time it's broken windows, a flooded house or just hateful graffiti. Then there's the sick worry as you send your children to school, knowing they will be stalked, threatened or denigrated in front of their peers. And the fear as you handle the mail each day, wondering if razors or worse await you upon opening it...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Animal Rights, or Animal Welfare?

As I look through the policies and beliefs of the animal rights organizations, I am appalled at the number of members they have. Surely this many Americans have not lost their minds. I believe that the problem at hand is that many people are confusing animal rights with animal welfare. Before you make up your mind that they are one and the same, please read on...

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